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I worked with Ben while he was a senior at the University of New Haven.  We started a student-run TV show at the University called “Pitch Perfect”.  The show is like “Shark Tank” but more focused on helping students pitch and develop their business ideas in a competitive environment.  When I first met Ben, it was just and idea.  Together we worked to develop all aspects of the show: storyline, set, graphics, staffing, scheduling, camera angles, lighting, distribution, rundown, handbook, soundtrack….everything.  To be clear, it was actually Ben who drove all of this, I just contributed.  Throughout, Ben was professional, collaborative, creative, insightful and yes, unflappable.  He not only mastered the technical aspects of the project, but he lead the team.  His excellent leadership and management skills were always evident and well beyond his years.  If you are lucky enough to work with Ben, you will see what I mean!


-Mike Maguire, Entrepreneur


Working with Ben Hammel, this guy is the real deal.  He and I began working back in 2016 and his growth is undeniable! When I first started working with him, he was already a boss with editing. He was the go to guy of his department back in college! He’s always challenging his creativity and editing skills. I rarely ever see him lose his cool while shooting. He adapts so well, while I panic at the slightest issue. Having his calm, chill demeanor on set as the videographer/director puts me at ease. He’s very professional, humbled, collaborative, confident and detailed oriented. He goes into every project with some type of blueprint or plan of execution. I see Ben Hammel going far in his career. He’s not just a dope videographer to me. He’s a wonderful human being and a great friend. This is only the beginning. He just better not forget me in the process.

- Jameson Glover, Recording Artist


All Ben's work - shooting and editing is world class. He's a Spielberg in the making. And with all that a total dream to work with!

- Walter Robinson, Composer/Activist


Working with Ben was nothing but inspiring. I made a project focused on the lives of black woman, and intended it for other black women. Even though he couldn’t relate to the narrative, he still made an effort to capture everything that was said, highlighted what he loved, and even had his own questions to ask. Being a person who doesn’t know anything about filmmaking, he explained everything to me as he was helping me. I didn’t feel left out or like anything was being dumbed down for my understanding. Everything he explained was well communicated, he asked for my input after every move, and most importantly, I felt secure in my thoughts and that everything was being taken into account. I trust him with not only the voices of me and many others, but  to help me throughout my process and collaborate with me to match my vision to the

best of his abilities.

- Juanita Wilbur, Philanthropist

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Once we decided to go ahead with a music video, we knew we had to call Ben. That was the easiest part. The overall quality, experience of getting creative with him, and the price were just what we were hoping for-next project we have, we know we're calling Ben again!​

- Cesssa and The Zach, Band


I am a hip-hop artist from Connecticut who has had the pleasure of working with Ben Hammel. He is very professional and a very nice person. He is also creative and fast. I recommend everybody to go and book him for your next shoot for any project, he's the guy you need on your team!

-Licshot Gates, Recording Artist


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