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Ben Hammel

Video Production Specialist
Ben Hammel is a video production specialist based in New York City and Connecticut, and has worked on numerous commercials, music videos, feature films, and other productions, both independently and with some of the most renowned production companies in the region.



We create broadcast commercials to national broadcast specifications.

From social media ads, special announcements and more, we've got you covered.

With the challenges of COVID-19, we're helping make your event go virtual.


Ben Hammel Productions works on 'The Many Saints of Newark' Film
Ben Hammel worked on the Warner Brothers film 'The Many Saints of Newark (A Sopranos Story),' now out in theaters and on HBO Max. The film, a prequel to the award-winning show 'The Sopranos,' was directed by Alan Taylor and produced by David Chase. Hammel worked as part of the art department under Leadman Tim Metzger.
Ben Hammel Productions Embarks on Music Video Tour
Ben Hammel Productions is embarking on their Music Video Tour, traveling across the U.S. directing, filming, and editing music videos for artists. Bookings are now open, with a variety of packages available.
Ben Hammel Productions Supports the Black Lives Matter Movement
Black Lives Matter is a movement, not a moment. Today and everyday, use your voice to fight for what you believe in. This country has ignored or belittled the needs of its most vulnerable communities for far too long.  All lives can’t matter until Black lives do.
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